I’m looking forward to having you at my Music City Shows Songwriter Showcase! Just a few things you need to know before the event so you understand how I work my shows and how you can properly promote your slot in order to maximize response/benefit.

Venue Info:
Kings Bowl / The Whiskey Room Live
Cool Springs Galleria
1910 Galleria Blvd #120
Franklin, TN 37067

Click Here for directions

The venue is located INSIDE Kings Bowl. It is NOT located inside the Galleria Mall. Kings Bowl is located in a strip of shops built off the Mall, near the Harley Davidson Dealership. It is opposite of Kona Grill. There are no signs for “The Whiskey Room Live” on the Kings Bowl building. Look for the Kings Bowl sign. Once inside, the venue doors are in the back left corner, around the bowling alley.

1- There is a $5 cover charge for attendees. (Not for our songwriters of course) This helps me produce these shows, as I am not compensated by the venue for my shows unless we have sales of food/drink. The % is small. Definitely not getting rich off this:)

2- I will gladly split the $5 cover charge with you 50/50 if you have 5 or more friends/fans come out to see you. We ask people at the door who they are here to see and keep track on a sheet. We’ll settle up after the night is over, at 10pm.

3- I live stream my shows at www.musiccityshows.live. This URL redirects to my Concert Window profile. I use Concert Window to stream shows because people can buy a ticket and pay what they want (minimum $1) and can also tip during the show. Plus, Concert Window loves our shows and promotes us! You should set up your own Concert Window profile and stream right from your house! Click HERE to learn more!

4- Income from the live stream is split 50/50 after Concert Window takes their 30% fee. If we have income and I can track it to a particular songwriter, I’ll reach out after the round to make arrangements to send payment. There is a $10 minimum income amount to receive payment. Be sure if you are promoting your slot to let your friends/fans know they need to let us know they purchased a ticket and or/tipped you so I know who its for. They can write this info on our Concert Window Chat window during your slot.

5- Please dress appropriately. We’re an upscale establishment, and we live stream the shows. We want anyone on the stage to be dressed like a professional songwriter. No workout clothes etc. You know what I mean:), thx

Help promote your appearance at the Whiskey Room Live so we can continue to produce the shows there. My job is to get butts in seats. No butts, my butt is gone, hah!

Sample Post:

I’ll be sharing my songs at The Whiskey Room Live, located inside Kings Bowl at the Cool Springs Galleria on (Date/Time) Come enjoy me and other awesome songwriters! There’s free parking, a full menu/bar and the best listening room in all of Nashville! Can’t make it, or outside of Nashville? Watch me live at: www.musiccityshows.live

I record into my Mac what I send out for the live stream, with a webcam in front of the stage, and a quality stereo mix directly from our Midas M32 mixer (It looks and sounds great!). I can edit the round down to just your songs and send you the video file for you to post on your social profiles and websites. I ask for $20 for this service, Let me know if you would like me to do this for you!

Here’s how it looks & sounds

Let me know if you have any questions! My text is 931-674-1799. It’s best to text me. Thanks again for taking time to read this, there will be a test at your show:)

Keith Mohr