Thanks for your interest in Nashville Songwriters Collective. This is an organization for songwriters that provides community, collaboration, and mentoring. It is an invite only organization, and only for songwriters I have had personal interaction with.

Nashville Songwriters Collective provides the following to their members:

* A Support System
 of serious, like minded songwriters who are either invited by NSC creator, Keith Mohr, or suggested by its members.

* Access to Keith Mohr for assistance/guidance you may need. I won’t be your full time manager, but I’m happy to help you!

* Member invitational co-writing sessions and demo production provided by Keith Mohr and other collective preferred providers.

* Song Pitching and Plugging for songs we write and demo! 

* Live Performance Opps at sanctioned Nashville Songwriters Collective events.

* Discounts On Services you need through trusted service preferred provider partners. (ie: Graphic design, Website design, photography, bio writing, music production, etc)

* Full Access to helpful information curated by Keith Mohr.

* Live Webinars where we discuss issues pertinent to you and other members.

* Live Pitch to Industry Pros via Facebook Live

* Live song critiques via Facebook Live by industry and other members.

* A Private Facebook group where we cultivate relationships, share music, ask questions, and much more!

The Collective will birth new songs, foster strong relationships, and provide opportunities for success to all!

As you can tell, this will be a fantastic resource for you!

Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire where I can learn more about you and what you need the most in your songwriting!

Thanks again for your time and interest in Nashville Songwriters Collective! Stay tuned and write tunes!
Keith Mohr