Indieheaven is now closed as of April 9, 2019. Thank you to all who supported the organization and website since 2002. Unfortunately, with the website code being 12+ years old, technology has moved on and we did not have sufficient resources to do a complete re-write of the massive amounts of code, and conduct a full redesign.

However, we hired a new tech company early January, 2019 to update the code to make the existing site compatible with the numerous devices people utilize to view content on the WWW, and move us to a secure server. After 4 months of trying, it is apparent that this upgrade is not possible. They simply were not able to do what we hired them to do.

I also realized that most of our members have either stopped pursuing their music mission, or they have moved on to other services. After much prayer, it is best to pull the plug on Indieheaven now.

With that stated, “Being Independent, Together” we kept the lights on non-stop for 17 years (21 including without ever having an investor!

It was a miracle we were able to stay online all these years! We survived numerous hacking attempts, had to move servers a few times, held our breaths and said a prayer as the various elements that we used on the website were updated (PhP/MySql, Apache, C-Panel, and each time, the site kept working! At this time, we ran up against a giant that we could not kill. We are dissapointed, but grateful for the mission and opportunity to serve so many wonderful musicianaries!

If you were a monthly supporting member and need to reach me, email me at: Thank you again for your kind comments! ~Keith Mohr

We’ve received many wonderful comments from our friends and members. Here’s some of them:

Cathy J Rauch ~ Indieheaven Literally changed my life. You have no idea how much you have meant to me. My heart is broken for me but excited for what God has in store for you. I truly love you my friend. God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and Grant you peace. Thank you for all you have done! I’m ugly crying right now

Ted Fillhart ~ So grateful for what you accomplished through IH. I echo so many comments here! Thank you Keith and I value your friendship!

Randy Meert ~ Keith, you are a fearless visionary on the front lines of change and improvement. Thank you for your honesty and being a living example of practicing what you preach. Go get ’em…the best is yet to come.

Adriane Blanco ~ Thank you for your encouragement and ministry to artists everywhere!

Tory Dardar ~ Keith Mohr, I thank you dearly for IndieHeaven and all the work and sweat you poured into it. It was a great chapter in our ministry life as well. I pray the Lord continue to bless and pour favor on all your Kingdom endeavors. Love you, Bro!

Michael Muilenburg Grateful for Indieheaven.

Steve Parsons ~ Thanks Keith for your encouragement and for providing a platform that so many of us benefited from. I have fond memories of coming to Nashville and playing a couple of events you organised (I think around 2005). I can’t remember everyone I met, but it included Marty Keith, Keely Keith, Albert Kiteck, Alison Selby Stevens, and others who were all very kind to me. Every blessing to you, Keith, from the UK.

Beth Champion Mason ~ Thank you for your service to the Kingdom and to all us Indie musicians who benefitted from your efforts! I so appreciate all you did, and I know God has more amazing things in store for you! God bless you Keith.

David W. Lin ~ Thank you so much for your friendship and mentorship. I learned alot from you and through my association with IH.

Jimmie Bratcher ~ Well done. Peace to you and thanks for helping me.

Bert Kevin Carter ~ Indieheaven was an incredible tool for up and coming Artists, Thanks Keith!

Joshua Redding ~ Was truly a huge resource and help to my ministry and so many others!!

Frank Gump ~ Keith Mohr You Sir are a General in Gods musical Army! Thank you.

Denny Keitzman ~ All things are for a season… Thank you for being a visioary.

Ja’Miah Burnett ~ Keith Mohr aww that’s is sad news however you’re definitely “one of the good guys” and have affected many many lives. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Chris Conte ~ You have had many effects on many lives and certainly I have learned many life lessons from you – I’m sure there are many more lives to be affected in many other ways – I still apply wisdom you gave. – with much appreciation for what you did.

Linda Greene ~ Thank you, Keith, for your committed investment to this industry. I appreciate all you have done for everyone, and hopefully our paths will meet again!

Derek Hoiem ~ Amen bro. The real bravery of any entrepreneur is in the journey not the destination.

Rob Lake ~ A legacy of support, encouragement development, and inspiration.

Lisa Stapert ~ Thanks for letting us be a part of it! It was a blessing to have our music there.

Eddie Reynolds ~ WOW…Just saw this and had to comment quick. Keith, I learned A lot from being a part of IH and our time in talks.So much of that has translated in all that I have put out since and even those same principles I pour into the artists or leaders I mentor…The site may be gone, but u have left a Strong legacy behind because of it. The fruit u planted will cont to GROW, as will His Blessings over your lifešŸ”„ Thanks Keith.

Dale Campbell ~ So many memories, so many lessons and information learned, so many friends made along the way… Keith, you are by far not the least of those… You have blessed me and many others over the years and I am very glad I got to be a part of the Indieheaven family back in 2003 and was able to travel to Franklin, TN in 2007 for one of your CIA Summits and attended several of your classes at CMS in Buffalo, NY. Thanks for all you’ve done. May God continue to bless your’s and Sue’s work for the kingdom! Hopefully I’ll get to see you both somewhere along the way again at another future event.

Matt Kees ~ Keith, you are a stud! Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do for artists

Steve Hanson ~ As one of the early ones, I appreciate all you’ve done, big fella! Onward!

John Olsen ~ You helped and encouraged a lot of independent musicians through Indieheaven. I hope you can celebrate the lives touched and Christian artists helped and encouraged through your efforts. Blessings and peace on the journey.

Howard Lull ~ Thank you Keith. Blessings on whatever new Endeavors the Lord brings your way. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it

Marq Paul ~ It was Indieheaven that made me believe in being an artist again. Thank you and Sue for that. I hope you realize you impacted a lot of lives for the better.

Gregory E Seneff ~ I appreciate your integrity & sacrifice. You have helped direct & change a lot of people who really benefited from your hard work and investment.

Rhonda Funk ~ Crazy to think that 17 years later I can honestly say that I was one of those first artists on Indieheaven! Who would know that this little girl from the Pacific NW would end up later moving Nashville to pursue her dreams after originally introducing the world to her songs through the IndieHeaven platform???? And here I am, living in Nashville three albums later still being blessed by you through the opportunities you provide songwriters/artists through Nashville Rising Song. Crazy to see how God has used each piece of our obedience over the decades to bring us to where we are today. Thank you for your dreams, ambitions, and investments that have help change, mold and grow mine! You have provided something that changed the course of my future, and for that I’m grateful!!

David Michael Carrillo ~ Wow!!! I was there from the start. Thank you Keith for giving us Indie artist a voice so we could be heard.

Mark Snyder ~ Web-based businesses definitely have their lifecycles. What I can say about Indieheaven and your advice is that stressed excellence and not settling for mediocrity in artistic endeavors. I think indie Christian music benefitted as a result. That is a good outcome, my friend.

Rockinron Corino ~ Because of you….I have been blessed with many radio artists and people who have become dear to me. You yourself keith are so dear to me. Thank you for years of serving.

Glenn Thomas ~ Great run Keith Mohr! Thanks for the learning, education, knowledge and exposure to the industry smoke and mirrors. Loved being a part of it and it help protect and mould me into the music career I have now. Love you brother… All the best..

Tina Ditto McMahel ~ Indieheaven brought us to Nashville from California, and is the reason we know so many amazing people.

John De Sousa ~ To everything there is a season, and in that season you served so many, so fully, and to the glory of God. My admiration and thanks for the time I was there. May the Lord richly bless you, Keith, both now and in that Day!

Michael D’Elia ~ On behalf of Halogen (Josh Olive Ethan Few Wayne Parker Jason Miller), thank you for all advice, conferences, emails, prayers, etc throughout the years! Indieheaven was an amazing platform to meet so many other artists and contacts!! Be blessed my friend

Lynn Hollingsworth Geyer ~ Thank you, Keith! You remain an inspiration to me as you’ve been since the early days. But yes, the times they are a changin’; the testimonies of all these holy souls say how well you’ve done with the time you’ve been given. Many blessings for the next chapter.

Brandon Hixson ~ Indieheaven gave me the tools to challenge myself musically. I will forever be grateful for the site and for the wonderful connections I made there. Thank you Keith on a job well done!

Johnathan Shuey ~ Be proud that God trusted you with this platform… especially in the beginning when the Internet was young.

Paul Vanhuisstede ~ Thanks for helping my little band act and look like superstars! God bless you in your other endeavors!

Steve Missall ~ Keith, you offered a great support and service in the right season! Don’t be afraid to follow the lamp in the cloud into the next one. When the cloud moves, it’s time to move. Blessings to you for your obedience and passion!

Samantha Scales-Arnold ~ Thank you Keith Mohr for all the years of encouragement. IndieHeaven will always be part of me and I’m grateful to you for all you’ve done! Hope we still see each other some time! Through IndieHeaven I have made a lot of friends too – it was a good thing!

Amy Wolter ~ Well done Keith – I know you’ve impacted and encouraged many artists!

Melinda Ebert ~ Well done Keith. I love your heart and passion for the independent musicians! I’m excited to see what’s next!

Alison Selby Stevens ~ Wow! So many great memories, Keith Mohr. I remember my very first Indieheaven conference. The CIA Summits (because spy training is important in the industry.) Jess making bank on tips at the Building 8 Coffee Bar when she was 8 what a great season it has been!! Many, many blessings to you in the next season!!

Brandon Jamison ~ I am one of those thousands of lives Keith! So grateful for the role indieheaven played in my life back in those early days.

Andrea C. Kay Plunkett ~ Indieheaven was a HUGE part of my life – I met so many great people – was so encouraged and challenged and changed by it. Thank you for all you did Keith!!

Tim Jacobi ~ Loved indieheaven. It was a great way to get the message of Christ out through our music. Thank you for the platform!! Thanks be to God!!

Jerimae Yoder ~ Wow man, that’s a big deal Keith Mohr. Thanks for all you’ve done in my life through Indieheaven.

Jim Giannini ~ Keith, thank you for all you have done. You definitely had a great impact on my life. I pray your future continues to be blessed and a blessing to others!

Marvin Mumford ~ Keith Mohr Before there was a YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram it was the Indieheaven platform for unknown Christian artist. Your company helped launch thousands of careers It truth be told. Thank you for serving us over the years and being faithful to your vision and mission for indie artist worldwide.

Jason D Schaarschmidt ~ Keith, you touched more lives than you will ever know through Indieheaven, so much learned and relationships built that will always be a part of my life. Much love and respect brother!

Michael Hiskey ~ Thank you so much for the networking opportunities you created in order for indie artists to be “independent together.” It was a game changer for me as well,… for over a decade. So much love for you Keith (and Sue) and for the artists I was able to meet there.

Jim Moore ~ Thanks Keith for being there to with the mentoring of all of the indie artists !!! I know it’s in your blood and this is really not the end but is just the beginning of other things !!! I really like what you’re doing with the Nashville Rising Song!!!

Jeff Steinberg ~ Thank you for including me in IndieHeaven from the beginning. It’s not aid enough, but Keith, you ARE a Blessing…You’re A Masterpiece In Progress!! The Father continues to showcase His Love through you…A Glove for Him to wear to show that He cares.

Chris Lucas This makes me feel old (most things do these days) – You’ve been so important to so many of us! Some really fantastic memories are associated with you, Keith. May all the best of God’s blessings go with you in your current activities. I have always really admired you!

Jeff Fellers ~ Appreciate all you did for indies- true heart to serve the community

Peggy Mann ~ Thanks for ALL you have done with Indieheaven. No good deed goes unnoticed! See you in Nashville!

Mike Westendorf ~ Indieheaven was the vehicle that God used to build a foundation and kept me going about the time when most Indies give up. After that you became an even better mentor to me. HUGE blessing for me and a lot of guys in that 2006 to 2012 timeframe especially! Love you brother!

Rosana E. Price ~ Wow it’s been a long time! You have done a great job and doing God’s will amen Play Somewhere soon we still meet each other how are you blessings