This song was written by a songwriter client from PA who writes songs for people he provides life coaching and counseling therapy to, and who are struggling with life issues.

Here’s the client demo giving me an idea of his song:

Here’s my production. Ron Hemby is singing the lead vocal and BGVs. Ron is an amazing singer, he sings lead for the “Eaglemaniacs” here in Nashville, and has just the perfect voice for this song! Scott Bernard (he plays for Kenny Loggins and others) recorded fantastic rhythm and lead guitar parts! I played the drums, bass, piano, B-3, bass and horns all from virtual instruments.. no loops! It came out sounding very real!

This song was more than just a demo, this was a master recording with some real players, so it cost more than my usual rate when I program all the parts. But you can hear the difference when you get some real players in the mix! I work with all budgets.

If YOU would like ME to help YOU with YOUR music, let me know! Let’s talk about it! I LOVE helping songwriters with their songs! And, I am very affordable! Enter your info over on our Contact Form and we’ll get the ball rolling!

In the meantime, stay tuned and keep writing tunes!
Keith Mohr