You’ll either love of hate this song. I wrote this song in response to the corona virus pandemic that is ravaging the globe. I have my thoughts on it, so I shared it in this song. I wrote the song, sang the vocals, (I had some help with the coronavirus blues backround singers) and played everything (Stevie Ray did make an appearance), and had a blast producing it. Enjoy…. I hope.

Coronavirus Blues
Chorus 1
I got Coronavirus blues, I’m staying in all day and night.
I got Coronavirus blues, everything’s giving me such a fright
I got Coronavirus blues, you ain’t tellin’ me what’s wrong or what’s right

Verse 1
That gravel voiced, short doctor dude, he’s telling me he’s got the cure
The scarf necked pretty lady, she’s so granular and sure
The president is trying to get them off the stage and out the door

Verse 2
They say to wear a mask, but don’t you ask if it works cause we don’t know.
Stay 6 feet away, and don’t you dare pray to God cause church is closed.
Just do as we say, and you’ll live another day..take another dose.

Chorus 2

Verse 3
They said the models were so hot, but now we know that they were not, they ain’t got a clue.
Hydroxichloroquine’s the sign, along with 2 bottles of wine will rid you of this flu
Just flatten the curve, you’ve got a lot of nerve gettin’ on with you

Verse 4
Looking back we’ll see, it’s you and me and 5G, we’ll carry on
We’ll get through this together, happily ever after, this is gone.
Let’s go out and get a taco, and a Carona lime pronto, right now!


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Stay tuned and write tunes!
Keith Mohr